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How do I sign up for a myRDP account?
To sign up for a myRDP account, please visit myRDP login page and click 'Sign up' in the lower right corner. Be sure to read the "Note about Privacy and Data" on the sign up page.

Are there tutorials for using MyRDP?
Yes, tutorials are located here

How do I retrieve my password?
You can retrieve your log information by using the Forgot Password function.

What sequences does myRDP accept?
myRDP is designed for Sanger sequences. For ultra high throughput sequences such as 454, Illumina, please use RDP Pyrosequencing Pipeline.

How can I remove or delete sequence sets from myRDP?
There is no built-in function on the website to let users remove the sequences. Contact us so that our system administrator can do it for you.

How do I upload sequences into myRDP?

  • Log into your myRDP account, either a shared class myRDP account or your personal myRDP account, depending on the requirement from your instructor.
  • Click "Upload" to go to the Upload Sequences page.
  • Choose "Bacteria 16S rRNA" or "Archaea 16S rRNA" as the gene for aligner depending on your previous Classifier results, fill in the rest of the form and select your sequence Fasta file. *Click on the "Upload" button.
  • On the Upload Sequences Confirmation page, click "Continue".
  • Upon completion of the upload, the Overview page will display the alignment status of your sequences, total (total), pending (pending for alignment), A (Aligned), F (Failed alignment) and U (Unaligned). Wait until the number of pending sequences becomes 0, which indicates all your sequences have been processed by the RDP Aligner.
  • Record the classification information from Domain to Genus.

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