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Strain: Type strain information is provided by bacterial taxonomy. Hint: Type strains link taxonomy with phylogeny. Include type strain sequences in your analysis to provide documented landmarks.

Source: View only environmental (uncultured) sequences, only sequences from individual isolates, or both. Source classification is based on sequence annotation and the NCBI taxonomy.

Size: View only near-full-length sequences (>1200 bases), short partials, or both.

Quality: View only good quality sequences, suspect quality sequences, or both. Sequences were flagged (*) as suspect quality. [more quality detail]

Taxonomy: View sequences placed into a new phylogenetically consistent higher-order bacterial taxonomy overlaid on the 16S rRNA classification. For the nomenclatural taxonomy, a set of well characterized (vetted) sequences was provided by these workers. Other sequences were placed into this scheme using the RDP Naïve Bayesian classifier.

KNN matches: Number of matches displayed per sequence, also number used to classify queries by unanimous vote.


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