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RDP Tutorials

RDP's Personal Research Space: my RDP! Align and Classify your 16S rRNA sequences. Use the RDP Pipeline to process sequence libraries from raw sequencer output to analysis. Share your research with your designated colleagues and collaborators.

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videoclip    I Creating an Account and Uploading Files I    flash7.1MB     quicktime11.0MB    winmedia20.5MB

videoclip   II Selecting Your Own and/or RDP Files II    flash7.1MB     quicktime10.6MB    winmedia17.3MB

videoclip  III Downloading Sequences III    flash4.6MB     quicktime6.8MB     winmedia11.3MB

videoclip  IV Sharing Your Data with Research Buddies IV    flash6.4MB     quicktime6.3MB     winmedia10.6MB


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