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What do the significance values mean?
The confidence value (p-value) indicates the probability of making mistake (false positive, type I error) of calling two libraries different for a specific taxon. The lower the value the less probable the call is incorrect, i.e. more confident the call is correct.

Can I compare multiple libraries at the same time?
No, you may only compare one pair of libraries at the same time.

I would like to be able to compare two libraries of over 40,000 sequences. What should I do?
You can download RDP Classifier and run it from your own computer, Windows PC, Mac, or Linux. One option of this command-line tool allows you to run library compare. Follow the README file from the download and make sure the current JAVA is installed on your computer.

Can I compare down to the species level?
No, you can only compare down to the genus level.

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