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How to Import Data into ARB


ARB intro1. Download your sequence alignment file (GenBank format with common gaps removed) and ARB-compatible navigation tree from RDP's Hiearchy Browser

2. Launch ARB, click "CREATE AND IMPORT"

3. Select your alignment file

If Genbank format:

4. Set format option to 'genbank_old.ift'

ALERT: Do not press 'AUTO DETECT or select genbank.ift'. genbank.ift is broken in at least some versions of ARB


If FASTA format:             

4. Click "AUTO DETECT"



5. Click 'GO'

6. In "QUESTION BOX", click 'Use found names'
ALERT: Do not select 'Generate New Short Names'

ARB question box

7. Load the tree from ARB_NT


8. You may now navigate the loaded RDP tree and sequence alignment within the ARB_NT panel.
The "SPECIES INFORMATION" panel will display the sequence accession and other annotation information imported from RDP.

ARB panel


Questions/comments: rdpstaff@msu.edu
Creative Commons License: Attribution-ShareAlike

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