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RDP Tutorials

RDP has released NEW PROCEDURAL TUTORIALS that take you through the basic steps of a web-based sequence analysis workflow with sample and test files. There are also links individual command-line tool instructions to aid in getting sequences ready for further processing. Please give them a try and offer any comments or suggestions for improvement. Begin tutorials here:

NOTE:  "Using RDPTools Output with R/Bioconductor package Phyloseq" Command-line tutorial updates effective October 23, 2015

Our VERY Basic Beginner RDP Tutorials

We are keeping these old short video tutorials for very basic understanding of the more complex tasks with screen captures and a narrator explaining the tasks and the choices available to the user. These tutorials average about three minutes in length. Flash versions have closed captioning that can be turned on or off using the closed captioning symbol or the x symbol in the lower right side.

Select a Tool or Feature Tutorial

NOTE: Video tutorials have the RDP-9
   look and will be updated soon.

EDUCATORS: Check out our new
   "Assignment Generator" tool to easily
   incorporate our tools in your lesson plans.
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