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Genome: Congregibacter litoralis KT71

This organism is a known Type Strain.

RDP Taxonomy Lineage: rootrank Root ; domain Bacteria ; phylum "Proteobacteria" ; class Gammaproteobacteria ; order Gammaproteobacteria_incertae_sedis ; genus Congregibacter 

NCBI Taxonomy Lineage: no rank root ; no rank cellular organisms ; superkingdom Bacteria ; phylum Proteobacteria ; class Gammaproteobacteria ; order Cellvibrionales ; family Halieaceae ; genus Congregibacter 

Sequencing Status from NCBI: NA

Estimated Genome size: 4.328 Mbp

  • 16S rRNA Sequences (1)
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   S002951967 Congregibacter litoralis KT71 (T); AAOA01000004

* before a sequence id denotes a suspected low quality sequence

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Fuchs B.M., Spring S., Teeling H., Quast C., Wulf J., Schattenhofer M., Yan S., Ferriera S., Johnson J., Glockner F.O., Amann R.; Characterization of a marine gammaproteobacterium capable of aerobic anoxygenic photosynthesis; Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 104(8):2891-2896(2007).
PubMed ID: 17299055

Spring S., Lunsdorf H., Fuchs B.M., Tindall B.J.; The photosynthetic apparatus and its regulation in the aerobic gammaproteobacterium Congregibacter litoralis gen. nov., sp. nov; PLoS One 4(3):E4866-E4866(2009).
PubMed ID: 19287491

Fuchs B.M., Spring S., Teeling H., Quast C., Wulf J., Schattenhofer M., Gloeckner F.O., Ferriera S., Johnson J., Kravitz S., Halpern A., Remington K., Beeson K., Tran B., Rogers Y.-H., Friedman R., Venter J.C., Amann R.; ;; Submitted (16-FEB-2006) to the INSDC. J Craig Venter Institute, 9704 Medical Center Drive, Rockville, MD 20850, USA